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Web DevelopmentSupport for Binary

We develop modern mobile and web applications with the latest technologies to build ERP, CRM and customized software products.


Cloud ComputingSupport for Binary

We create cloud applications with ASP.NET MVC, Laravel and MEAN.IO and host it in cloud hosting providers like Amazon Web Services and Azure.


Data AnalyticsSupport for Binary

We work with high data storage domains like Medical, Education and Finance in which we help to filter the history of data, predict and solve the problems.


Software SolutionsSupport for Binary

We prefer to work with DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) principle, so we find the problems of our users in real time work and automate it with a software.


Software Development

We offer services for our customers who want to develop a customizable system to automate their manual work using agile methodology.


Website Design

We have well experienced team to design and develop the brand for your business with latest web tools to make the look and feel of the website rich.

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Technologies we use



We develop applications with ASP.NET MVC, Razor, EF.



We love using composer pacakges and following PSR-FIGs in our development workflow.



We have experienced team with HTML5, CSS3, Less, Twitter Bootstrap.



We work with jQuery, KnockoutJS, DurandalJs, RequireJS, Grunt.


Digital Ocean

We use SSD cloud server for deploying Laravel with Forge CI.



We develop SaaS applications using this RAD Framework.



We use it as backend service for developing incredible applications.

amazon aws


We develop cloud applications and host in Amazon Web Services.

Our Works

Alo Bug

ALOBUG is a software bug (error) detector to detect and identify the error and its location in real time or runtime encountered in customer location or live environment.

Alo Care

AloCare is a hospital management software that has several modules like Appointment, Patient Registration, Laboratory, Radiology, Prescription, Billing, etc.


BuySnippet is a platform for manufacturing industries to both buy and sell specifically for finished unsold or stagnated products.

Boarders Leave

A software for school student boarders to apply leave – online- to simplify operations and to save many work hours per week that will help to improve student care.


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In AloBin, we have experienced people who are capable of following agile standards in developing great applications.

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