AloCare is a solution to manage a hospital with a complete digitalization to enable a well paced up service and through this create a good relationship between the hospital and the patient.

AloCare covers all the aspects to manage the hospital profitably and also helps in managing time.

Alocare contains modules for all departments of a hospital including HR, Accounts and Admin.

AloCare also helps in maintaining limitless patient records through EMR.

Alocare also has pharmacy and laboratory modules to enable an easy flow in the day to day activities of the hospital.

The Challenge

The actual challenge faced in most of the software is a complete digital workout. Most of the hospital management softwares are used only as a billing software in all the departments. Lack of patient record due to lesser space in the system, resulting in failure of analysing the history of the patient.

The Solution

We through alocare wanted to break that scenario. So we planned to bring out a software, digitalized, user friendly, unlimited storage through which all the departments including doctors and nurses use the software for an accelerated treatment. AloCare performs all the functions from scheduling patients to billing to generating monthly reports. The hospital administrators can opt from the various modules available, optimizing the performance of their hospital.

Dashboard Dashboard displays the details given in the registration and enables to view and edit chief complaints, past medical history and also other important screens.


Patient Registration, Appointment Module, Patient Visit Tracking, Pharmacy Module integrated with Prescription, Scan Files Upload and Viewing Option, Pharmacy Module integrated with Prescription, Treatment Plan, Invoice Module

Dental Displays patient details with the complete image of teeth anatomy. A marking can be made on the problematic teeth for future reference. The treatment details also can be entered and stored.

"We in our hospital are happy to use AloCare, since it is very much user friendly.We find this software, running smoothly since the date of its inception and suites all our requirements. It enables a very speedy reference to the updated patient history and is easy access to all the departments, so this software is suitable for the healthcare segment."

-Mr. PremAnand
Sri Sai K.R.S. Hospital