Our Services


Web Development

We develop modern mobile and web applications with the latest technologies to build ERP, CRM and customized software products.


Cloud Computing

We create cloud applications with ASP.NET MVC, Laravel and MEAN.IO and host it in cloud hosting providers like Amazon Web Services and Azure.


Data Analytics

We work with high data storage domains like Medical, Education and Finance in which we help to filter the history of data, predict and solve the problems.


Software Solutions

We prefer to work with DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) principle, so we find the problems of our users in real time work and automate it with a software.


Software Development

We offer services for our customers who want to develop a customizable system to automate their manual work using agile methodology.


Website Design

We have well experienced team to design and develop the brand for your business with latest web tools to make the look and feel of the website rich.


Our Approach

1 Gathering Requirement

We believe, the essential part of application development is gathering requirements and planning the modules. We analyze your requirement and help you determine the most efficient solution.

2 Design the Wireframe

We analyze the requirements to understand your actual need and build a wireframe for all the screens with Balsamiq accordingly and gather your views.

3 Design & Develop Application

We design and iterate prototype for your system with the agreed wireframe. Our development team will make your design a reality.

4 Quality Assurance Testing

In AloBin we have team to assure quality of the system by keeping it void from application issues and satisfy the expected quality.

5 Deploying & Training Application

Our team will take care of installing the system in private or public cloud servers. We will also ensure that you can easily use the system and maintain your data effectively.