AloBug is a software bug (error) detector to detect and identify the error and its location in real time or runtime encountered in customer location or live environment.

The Challenge

Is to create a software where the bug can be detected easily and rectified in live environment. AloBug Does it. AloBug is a complete solution for bug detecting in real time or runtime.

The Solution

AloBug finds the bugs, from the exact location, page, line, and even the word or syllable, highlights it, marks it, and notifies thorough mail and message.

Error A list of errors will be displayed from where the errors can be selected and can be rectified.


It can actually tell you how many users are currently affected by a particular exception.

Home A beautiful orange screen with a black lace on the top the Home screen contains login and register fields and moreover with find now and try it now fields also.

"One of the best software for developers to detect and correct bugs in a particular line in real time.Problems that used to take us several days or even weeks to track down, we are able to routinely find and fix in a few hours with AloBug. So, AloBug is now a standard tool that is used on all software that we develop before it is released. Our engineering team is very enthusiastic about it and management is convinced that it was well worth the money. We have told lots of our peers about Insure and will keep doing so. Major advantage of this software is that it identifies errors as well as its location at live environment."

-Aaron MacBride