A software for school student boarders to apply leave online- to simplify operations and to save many work hours per week that will help to reduce risk and improve student care.

The Challenge

A boarding students online leave application software with simple operations, efficient, fully traceable and reportable transactions

The Solution

Automated school boarders leave management software with simplified operations for a student use with ease and save time. Not only for the students but also for the staff, which helps to track the student and also helps to maintain the food requirements of the students by the catering department. The software ensures the safety of the student in all aspects.

Kitchen Displays the details of the student like name, year and others, with the current date and time. The dinner details can be altered according to the students leave and return.


Applying leave, maintaining the attendance of the student, tracking the student, News about the school and notification, information to the kitchen manager, staff manager, reports.

Evacuation Report Displays the students exit after the student swipes their card for their leave and sends a report on this regard.

"Awesome experience with the new Boarding Leave Register, since our students do all of their work on computers and all that type of stuff, so it helps to bring us into their realm. The software has made it easier to understand what our students interests are and knowing where our students are is probably the most important thing we do in the deans office. And if we dont know that our students are safe and they are where theyre supposed to be, then we cant really do anything else.Boarding Leave Register has made that part of our job much more efficient and much more sound. It saves us a ton of time and is far more efficient than how we were doing things in the past. I would 100% recommend Boarding Leave Register."

-Mythili Ranganathan
Director of Boarding
Riverside school