BuySnippet is a platform for manufacturing industries to both buy and sell specifically for finished unsold or stagnated products.

BuySnippet allows our users to negotiate with each other. This benefits our users greatly as they can avoid the wastage that arises during recycling their unsold products.

The Challenge

Is to create a software with the features of a e-commerce site but within the concept.

The software will be one of its kind and will help the manufacturing industry to retrieve their revenue from the scraped out products.

The Solution

We from AloBin Technologies created a solution for the manufacturer of any industry to save their money by selling or even by buying the newly manufactured but left unsold because of some reasons. In other words BuySnippet acts as a bridge to the manufacturers and the users for the leftovers of the manufacturing industries. By doing this, BuySnippet also helps the environment.

List View The list of products uploaded by the sellers with their image, specifications and pricing.


Adding or creating new products for selling or buying. Dimensions of the product, quantity, price, discount allowed and the product image.The contact of the seller or the buyer can be registered.

Post Requirement A registration page for the buyers to post their requirements with specifications of the product.

"We find this software is user friendly.We are able to post an image of our unsold and stagnated newly manufactured products with its product descriptions and its price. Anybody can get in, view the products, buy or sell the leftovers which are lying with us with all the details. For any buyer or seller handling this software is an easy task.The software also has an advantage of advertising our products or our company through it.We assure that ‘BuySnippet’ is one of its kind."

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