A complete e-commerce site with all the necessary features required for an e-commerce site with inventory control.

The Challenge

An e-commerce site with inventory control and all the other features, like registration, selection, Add to Cart and finally billing.

The Solution

AloBin has developed a site ‘Security Eyes’ in which all the features of an e-commerce are available with an added feature of inventory control. ‘Security Eyes’ has the purchase order and sales order facility in it.

Products view A detailed specification and price about the selected product is displayed for the client or the customers. It also show the related products to choose from.


Products, My Account, wish list, shopping cart, events, support etc.,

Shopping Cart The list of the products selected is seen in this page with their specifications, quantities and price. A ‘What to do next’ is shown for the customer to select their own options

"Its been a lifesaver having an shopping site exclusive for security cams. We just found “Security Eyes”.Its so easier to analyse from ‘n’ number of products and their descriptions,quality, price.Placing an order is absolutely easy and cash on delivery is available.Customers can register their details at first order for future benefits. Existing customers will get the discounts on products cost for the purchase."

-Edwina Morgan