An online software for a school in Australia, through which parents will register for their children and select activities in which they will be interested or they want their children to learn without wasting the childs holidays.

The Challenge

Is to create the software for the school through which parents will select activities, one or many, based on the childs age and the parents willing, and also pay for the activities selected.

The Solution

AloBin created an Online Software to the school, in which the parents will first register the child as per the childs age, then select the activities availed by the school based on the age and gender of the child, and also number of days the child will participate in the program. The payment for the selected activities can also be made in this software. Through this the process of registering, selecting the activity, confirming and paying for the activity, cycle is complete.

Student Details The details of the students are entered while registering the student by the parent can be viewed and can be edited if there are any correction.


Registration for an activity, selecting an activity based on the childs age and gender, Selecting activities more than one and also for the number of days, Confirming the activities and the days selected and making an online payment.

Activites The list or the details of the activities are displayed for the parent to select them for their children. The same screen also display the charges for the activities, where when selected will go to the payment page.

"With the digitalised version of Online Holiday Program, we feel very much easier to complete the procedures and enroll our students for the activities and it helps our students value physically active lifestyle, develop positive relationships with their peers and improve their self-esteem and leadership skills.We are being able to understand the patterns and type of things our students really want to do and also to be able to digitise what weve been doing for so long and making sure were up to date with what our students are doing."

-Kavita Christopher
Director-Value Education
Allvin Holiday School