A site related to photography with news, articles, publish, advertisements, selling and buying equipments etc.,

The Challenge

To develop a product related to photography and its accessories. Which must include news, article and external publishing related to photography.

The Solution

We at AloBin technologies have developed a site which was very much related to photography and it also includes news, article and external publishing related to photography.

Product List Complete product ranges are displayed in this screen to enable easy go through and selection.


Sign -up, products categorized, uncategorised, special, etc., E-News, Services, Posting video recordings, registration etc.,

Banner A form is displayed to be completed to register for getting advertised and if there are any enquires based on the advertisements will be forwarded.

"A lot of my customers contacted me on social media with orders and questions. Tracking my orders across all platforms took time away. But now that i have an online store. I dont have to worry about it anymore. Pxlpost has reduced my effort to just one click.We usually get the word out by exhibitions and pop-up shops Pxlpost has an online store and and it literally took us less than 30 seconds to create it and now we have customers across the globe."

-Sean Jenkins