An online food ordering application for people who follow islamic tradition, to identify the kind of food they are looking for, with address, food menu, home delivery and even take aways.

The Challenge

To connect all hotels who prepare food in the islamic tradition, with menu, services, billing and paying.

The Solution

We developed an e-commerce kind of site for food and especially for people who follow islamic tradition. We have developed it with care that the products displayed in the site must not affect their feelings and it is also designed in such a way that it can be used by all.

Add Resturant Just give your restaurant name, your name, contact number, email and a small message about your restaurant. Your restaurant is included in this list.


The application has food menu selection, food add-ons selection, sort out the location of the restaurant or finding a restaurant in their location, paying for the selected food.

Food List The screen displays the list of food from the selected restaurant with price and ADD button to choose.

"This is one of the best software for halal food restaurants. Moreover, we can get each and every halal restaurants nearby our area and also can see the available food menus at each restaurant helps us to choose our choice of favorite foods and had the option of cash on delivery.Even we can choose the Best restaurants by the people reviews.Its very easy to add our halal restaurants and make it familiar everywhere.One of the useful feature in this software is that we can become a membership holder of this halal restaurants and enjoy their discounts,taste and quality of food."

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