Association Manager is a software from AloBin Technologies to manage or maintain an association with their members information and their activities.

The Challenge

Is to make ends meet, like the secretaries of the association and its members. It has always been a challenge to do that, which is achieved by AloBin Technologies through Association Manager.

The Solution

AloBin developed a software, Association Manager, to manage an association with all the options to run an association, readily available. The options can be incorporated by the client as per their needs and it is purely customizable, since the fields may differ with each association.

Receipt All details like member number, name, receipt number, amount paid, payment date, for the year etc., will be displayed with options of Print, edit and delete.


Register a member with details.

SMS The Option of Send SMS is unique. It is used to send bulk SMS to all the members of the association for all occasions or it can be used to send notifications.

"I would like to appreciate AloBin for giving us such an opportunity to work with an application called Association Manager.Money spent on softwares has always been a major concern for us. But after having tried Association Manager, we understood that it was a good decision to spend a little more and get a quality product.The software had top of the line features, with up to date syncing. Not only this, the user interface was easy to understand.Having more than 1000 members we were struggling to handle such a big volume of members and record their complete details."

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