Alolab is a software designed exclusively for Clinical Labs and Medical Laboratory, to ensure the quality, accuracy, and integrity of test results and other laboratory data.

The Challenge

Is to design a software with quality, accuracy and speed, all in one screen, which AloBin has overcome.

The Solution

Unlike other software AloLab has a dashboard with which you can register patient, create new orders, check recent orders, recent test results and recent patients. All in one screen. The database of tests are given with its normal range for male, female and pediatric separately. Abnormal findings appear in red colour. Reporting time is minimised. Maximum reports in minimum time.

Dashboard Dashboard works as a shortcut and a simplified or miniature version of frequently used pages like Patient Registration, Create Order, Recent Orders and Recent Test Results, to enable fast and easy access of the user.


Patients, Lab Tests, Lab Test Groups, Doctors, Departments, Orders/ Billing, Test Results

Billing The billing screen display the details collected while registering and by default goes to the test selection field, the rates for the test will appear by default while the test are being selected. The balance will display when the amount for payment is entered.

"We find this software (AloLab) very convenient because of its enhanced operational efficiency, reduction in processing time, and professional approach in their services. It has been recognized by our staff as being the most dependable /reliable. We also sincerely appreciate for the time you spent in reviewing our requirement and your valuable recommendations for implementing the plans and suggestions for achieving the goals."

-Mr.PremAnand,Lab Incharge
Sri Sai K.R.S. Hospital